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Summer Camp 2022

  • Who: Completed 6th - 12th grade Students
  • What: SUMMER CAMP!
  • When: June 21 - June 25
  • Where: Latham Springs, Aquilla, TX
  • Why: To have an awesome week of fun and fellowship, but more importantly for students to see God for the Loving Father that he is, and work to seek a deep(er) relationship with Him
  • How: We are going to meet at FBBR on June 21, and return around Noon on June 25, We will take the church Buses!
  • Cost: The cost is not confirmed. It will cost $275/ student BUT every year we have fundraisers to offset the cost of camp. We have had years where fundraisers brought the cost down to HALF, another year the cost was brought down even More! All that to say, we will work as hard as we can to make camp attainable for everyone!
  • If We Can't? Come talk to me. There are people in our church who will make sure your student can go to camp The cost can be covered for those who just can't afford it! Just talk to me!
  • Pay by texting the keyword - STUDENTCAMPPAY - to 888.411.3304
  • A, non-refundable, $50 deposit will be due Sunday, May 22.
  • Give a scholarship by texting the keyword - STUDENTCAMPGIVE - to 888.411.3304

    Camp @ Latham Springs is BACK! We are so excited for this week of camp! For more any questions not answered here, you can reach Pastor Ryan by email at ryan@firstblueridge.org

    This year, camp will COST us $275 per student. HOWEVER, due to multiple fundraisers, the cost will be brought down. Our fundraisers usually bring the price down HALF, but some years is been even MORE! Please help us out by donating to one of our fundraisers, the biggest of which are our Envelope fundraiser (which starts this Sunday at First Baptist), and our bake sale auction, which happened a few weeks ago; Thank you to everyone who has given so far! & Thank you to everyone for prayerfully considering giving to help send students to camp!

    As always, we don’t ever want money to be a hindrance to you, or your student, coming to camp. If you can’t afford camp, please, please, please, talk to Ryan. Whether you can’t afford part, or any, of it, we have people who will MAKE SURE you are covered. 

    This avenue isn’t for those who CAN afford it, it is for those who just need a bit of help. No one has to know, just reach out to Ryan and we will make sure everyone, who can and wants to, gets to go to camp!

    Tuesday, June 21, @ First Baptist Blue Ridge

    Pick Up:
    Saturday, June 25, @ First Baptist Blue Ridge

    Questions? Contact Ryan Dusek with First Baptist:
    Church Phone: 972.752.5611
    Church Text: 888.411.3304

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