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Summer Camp 2021

  • Who: Completed 6th - 12th grade Students
  • What: SUMMER CAMP!
  • When: June 28 - July 2
  • Where: Latham Springs, Aquilla, TX
  • Why: To have an awesome week of fun and fellowship, but more importantly for students to see God for the Loving Father that he is, and work to seek a deep(er) relationship with Him
  • How: We are going to meet at FBBR @ 12 on June 28, and return by 12 on July 2, We will take the church Buses!
  • Cost: The cost is not confirmed. It will cost $245/ student BUT every year we have fundraisers to offset the cost of camp. We have had years where fundraisers brought the cost down to $140, another year the cost was brought down to $75! All that to say, we will work as hard as we can to make camp attainable for everyone!
  • If We Can't? Come talk to me. There are people in our church who will make sure your student can go to camp The cost can be covered for those who just can't afford it! Just talk to me!

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