Camp FAQ

What is the sponsor to student ratio?

10:1 ratio. If we bring 10 girls, we will have 1 female sponsor. If we bring 11 girls, we will have 2 female sponsors, and etc. Same with the boys.

What if my child has special dietary needs?

We have a special form to fill out, please let us know as soon as possible. We will NEED to let the camp know no less than 3 weeks out.

Will our church group stay together during Rec?

The camp will be split into groups. Our plan is to let you know what color your student's team will be prior to the start of camp. This will give you time to color coordinate if you wish. We will stay in our groups all week for Organized Rec, and there will be multiple others from our church on each team.

What is the age requirement for Summer Camp?

Students who have completed grades 6-12 are eligible to attend Ridge Student's Rescue Camp.

Will we get dirty at Rec time?

Probably. We recommend wearing clothes that you can get dirty during Organized Rec time.

Do students need to bring money to camp?

It is not required but there will be several opportunities for students to purchase items if they would like. There will be a snack bar available in the afternoons and in the evening. Latham Springs also has a gift shop that will be open in the afternoons and usually right after dinner. Paintball is the only rec activity that we charge extra for. See below for details.

What activities are available at Latham Springs?

Latham Springs has many activities available during the afternoon free time. The lake and pool are both available for swim time. We have several waterfront activities, including a 100’ water-slide, giant trampoline, 17' inflatable climbing wall, as well as paddle boats, paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and a fishing shed where we supply the poles and bait. There is also a zip line, climbing tower, 3 person giant swing, several gaga ball pits, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, 9-square in the air, a Frisbee golf course, and paintball. Paintball is the only activity we charge extra for. The cost is $5 per person, includes one-hopper and two games.

What sports tournaments will there be during the week?

Still waiting on the final word, but we are pretty sure the 3 tournaments that will happen during free time are, (on different days) Sand Volleyball, 3v3 Basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee!

Can students bring cell phones/electronics to camp?

The short answer is yes, but at their own risk. Latham Springs, nor First Baptist Blue Ridge, are not responsible for personal items lost, stolen, or damaged during camp. We realize in today’s world the only Bible students may own is on their phone or device or students may want to utilize the note-taking ability of their device. We will, however, make sure each student has a paper copy of the Biblie and a paper way to take notes. 

We also know that many of today’s parents like to be in constant contact with their children through text or phone calls. All of these uses are allowable to an extent. Know that sponsors will monitor their students' use of devices to ensure proper use and limited distractions during camp events and the week in general. As a side note, AT&T and Verizon work best out here but both can be difficult to find a signal at times. Limited Wifi is available for adults to use in designated areas.

If your student brings an electronic device to camp, the Student & Parent are acknowledging, and agreeing to, the church's right to confiscate it for the remainder of camp at their discretion.

What is the dress code?

Dress at camp should meet the highest Christian standards. Campers with clothing that is too revealing, with inappropriate messages, or draws unnecessary attention will be asked to change into appropriate clothing. Please adhere to the following examples:

  • Wearing cover-ups to and from the lake. (guys and girls)
  • Restrict tank tops to 2 fingertip width minimum – avoid spaghetti strap garments.
  • Keep shorts at fingertip length.
  • Do not wear low-cut or revealing shirts, dresses, or tops.
  • Two-piece swimsuits should be covered with a dark t-shirt.
  • For personal safety, shoes should be worn outdoors at all times.

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