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   Jennifer and I were married in 1993 and we have been serving in vocational ministry since 1994.  We have 3 wonderful children, and another one, (stole that joke from Brian Regan).  In reality we have 4 great kids, 3 of which are legally adults now, 1 of which is engaged, 2 of which are married, and each married child has made us grandparents!  We united with First Baptist BR in November of 2011 and it has been one blessing after another, to explain how much we love this church, after serving here for 6.5 years we actually moved CLOSER to the church! We, simply put, love our church. 

   And lastly, yes I’m the worlds biggest Superman fan.  If you don’t know why, google Superman and Jesus together, it should become clear in the pages that come up, if not, ask me why.

   I am so thankful to have called First Blue Ridge home since December of 2016! I am the Associate Pastor of Worship & Tech, Student, and Communications Ministries! Outside of that, I am a technology enthusiast, guitar hoarder, and amateur wood & metal worker who was blessed enough to be called to do ministry. 

   I have been in ministry as a profession since 2009, serving in Sports, Family, Student, College, and Worship roles, and was called to First Baptist in 2016. I attended Criswell College, where I earned a degree in Christian Ministry along with a very high gas bill. I live in Anna with my wife, Valerie, our amazing Sons, Weston (born July of 2018), Lachlan (born August of 2020), & Breslyn (born October of 2021), a cat, a couple dogs, and a good number of spiders in the yard!

   Valerie and I love doing ministry together and spend our free time eating Mexican/TexMex food, watching movies, and hosting gatherings for friends and family - when we aren’t concocting ministry events. I am blessed that God has called me to be the Associate Pastor here, and I so look forward to meeting you!

Karen joined the staff in September of 2015.  The term secretary really doesn’t describe what she does at the church.  Our previous secretary spent over a month teaching her the ropes and Karen took meticulous notes.  It looked like she was writing the next great American novel.  Yes, she does that much, and always with a smile and a laugh.  She and her husband Mark have 2 beautiful, grown daughters, 2 grandsons from their eldest daughter, and 1 from their youngest!


Robert Todd

Chairman Deacon & Men's Ministry Coordinator

Wendy Herring

Women's Ministry Coordinator

Kenny Williams

Head Media/Tech & Deacon

Don & Pam Clem

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) Coordinators

Abby & Kevin Bell

Children's Church Coordinators

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