Want to know more
about First Baptist?

   At First Baptist, we have a simple hope: to see people come to know Jesus Christ, grow in their Christian faith, and share that with the world. For over 150 years, we've been helping spread God's good news here in our hometown and throughout the world, and we pray that God will continue to use our congregation. Whether you've been attending church for years or haven't stepped into a sanctuary in decades, we hope you'll come and join us Sunday if you're looking for a church in our hometown.

   Our church started back in 1868 and has grown into what First Baptist is today. We feel we still honor those founding members, as we still preach, sing, pray, teach, and strive to do everything in a biblical, God-centered manner. 

   We've been in multiple buildings over the years, but in the current generation we have been in two buildings. the building before our current campus still stands on FM 545 in Blue Ridge, where our church grew exponentially and was bursting at the seams. This prompted the search for land to build on.

   In 2002, land was found on Hwy 78 N in Blue Ridge, and the purchase was decided upon. The money for the property was raised in just a few short months! After that, dirt work began, followed by building, and a short while later a building stood, and then another. Before long our new campus was ready and services were moved here. The rest of our story between that first service in 2004 and now has led us to where we are today.

   Many people would say we had a new church, but we didn't, and we still don't. We have our campus here in Blue Ridge on Hwy 78, but our church is much older than that. Our church is the people who are a part of this body of believers. Whether we are inside this building or outside taking the gospel to the world through love and discipleship, we are one big family, and we would love if you would come join us on our journey of following the Lord!

   No matter what your Christian background is (or isn't), we hope you'll join us on a Sunday, a Wednesday; in a Worship Service or a Home Group; with old friends you know or new friends you will make. Whenever, wherever, however and with whomever, come check out what God is doing at First Baptist and in Blue Ridge.