Plan Your Visit
To First Baptist

  At First Baptist, we're always excited to have new visitors, and we hope you'll join us for a service. We have many opportunities to come join us during the week, including our Life Groups, which meet at 9:30a on Sundays at our building, and Worship Service which follows at 10:45a! Our church is located at 316 Hwy 78 N, and parking is located around both buildings. We like to keep our best parking spaces free for visitors and those with mobility challenges. Our Visitor Parking is between the green awning and Hwy 78, and we welcome you to park there. Our handicapped spaces are right next to the building on the same side.

  Once you walk in the doors, you'll see that the congregation has all types of people in all kinds of dress. Some wear suits, some are business casual, and others are in blue jeans and a shirt. The Lord says come as you are, and we hope that you know that you don't need to dress up to get His approval, because that comes only from Jesus' sacrifice. In the foyer, one of our greeters will meet you, hand you a bulletin of things happening that week, and they'll show you where everything is. They'll help you find the nursery (if you have a baby) and Life Group rooms for everyone in your family. Simply tell them in which decade you were born and they will show you the way. 

  We have individual classes for every decade, whether you were born in the 1930's or the 2010s! Our greeters can also point you to the Restrooms, the Worship Center or anywhere else that you might have need. If you have any questions about anything, please ask! If someone can't answer it, they will find someone who can. Oh, and don't be surprised if half a dozen people introduce themselves to you, we just have a friendly church!

  Someone should hand you a tablet and ask if you will fill our our digital visitor's card. It's not intimidating, in fact you can fill it out now by clicking HERE. Don't worry we won't sell your information, but you can expect a phone call from our Pastor or one of our outreach leaders. The first thing you will receive is a personal text from our Pastor, from his own phone. Go ahead, save it and call & talk to him, he would love to get to know you!


 During Worship you'll see that our service is well blended, with song list that has contemporary songs as well as hymns, a congregation full of young and old, and an atmosphere geared towards giving glory to God every way we can!

  Our Pastor teaches through expository preaching in a relevant way; simply put, he preaches from the scripture in an applicable way. He brings the Word, but allows the Lord to simply use him as a vessel to preach the Gospel.

  After church you'll have a chance to meet our pastor and many other people in the church. We'd love to get to know you so you're a familiar face the next time you come. Don't forget, we have other things happening throughout the week, including our Wednesday night services, so check those out! 

If you want to talk to us, or have any questions about our church, our services, or anything else, feel free to email us, call us at 972-752-5611, or just stop by during the week. We hope you will come visit, and we want you to know we are already praying for you. We'll see you soon!