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This is a great place to find upcoming events, calendars, registrations, and more!

This is the Student Ministry at First Baptist in Blue Ridge! Click HOME above to see our main site.

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Every week we meet for Bible studies, Worship, discipleship and more!


Family Life Center/A105 - Worship Center

  • Morning Bible Study @ 9:30a in the FLC/Gym
  • Morning Worship @ 10:45a in the Worship Center


Family Life Center/Gym

  • MIDWEEK - Doors Open @ 6p 
  • Dinner @ 6:15p in the Family Life Center
  • Worship & Teaching @ 6:55p 
  • Breakouts @ 7:35p

We have tons of things happening throughout the year

Camp, Hammock Club, Lunches, DNOW, Bible Studies, Connect, Retreats, Worship and More are just around the corner!

Dnowbr Just happened and it was amazing! our next large event will come this summer, Camp!

check it out:

We are so excited about this year!

We are putting together a calendar of most all of our goings-on, so watch for it and plan to be there! Bring a friend and lets have a blast!